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" The premier sports photo festival "

Photos et pont édition 1

The festival wants to highlight the job of sports photographers around a common theme - sport

Although this profession most often involves illustration in the service of the press, it is nonetheless an artistic profession.

"1000ème de secondes", the first sports photography festival, therefore aims to highlight multiple sport through the eyes of international professional photographers. Their photos will present images that are both spectacular, many original, emblematic and artistic, of well-known or lesser sports, taken during major national and international sporting events.


A photo exhibition entirely outdoors and on a unguided tour, through a scenography designed to highlight the photographs to their true value. They are presented in the form of large quality prints and in a wide variety of formats, ranging up to huge tarpaulins.

"1000ème de secondes" 

 1000th of a second? 

1000th of a second is both a common value to the times achieved

in different sports,

but also one of the favorite speeds of photographers

to freeze the movement. 

2 - 1000eme (6).png
2 - 1000eme (7).png

Is the number of

exhibited in 2023

professional photographers


2 - 1000eme (6).png
2 - 1000eme (7).png

Is the number of

exhibited in 2023



 The founders of the festival 

The idea of this festival is the fruit of the reflection of two sports photographers, from two different professional backgrounds but also from two generations!


Both animated by the same passion for their job and by the aesthetics of the image, they are at the origin of this project.

2 - 1000eme (6).png
2 - 1000eme (7).png

Is the

suspending from the bridge

size of the
4 tarpaulins

45 m²

  The town of 


The geographical position of this typical Loire riverside postcard village between Angers and Saumur, often photographed and whose limestone houses stretch and are reflected along the Loire, also make it an essential tourist destination in the county and therefore particularly predisposes it to host a large-scale outdoor festival.

The village of Saint-Mathurin-sur-Loire is characterized by its accessibility, both by road and rail, and its proximity to the cities of Angers and Saumur. Its position is ideal and represents a stopover of choice on the very popular cycling routes of “La Loire à Vélo” or “La Vélo Francette”. Without forgetting the canoeing, directly on the Loire!

All these assets are arguments to encourage the greatest number, inhabitants of the territory, the county or the region but also tourists, to come and enjoy this event during the summer period.


 A certified project   "Olympiade culturelle" 

Since 2023, the "1000ème de secondes" festival is certified "Olympiade culturelle". This label is awarded by the Paris 2024 Olympic Games organizing committee.


The festival is thus fully in line with the dynamics of the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, in conjunction with "Terre de Jeux" national organization. 

A way to link sport and culture, with a project, recognized as a worthy cultural event by the organizing committee. 

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