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Discover the Photographers of the 2022 edition...

During the four months of the Festival, we have the honor of welcoming 10 international photographers,

Women and Men who are  Freelance Reporters-Photographers or work for major media.

  They each present in a space  exhibition dedicated to their vision of a sport.

Discover them...

Solène Bailly Photographe Equitation

Solene Bailly


Rider and daughter of riders, she has always had a passion for horses, nature and sport.


Having become a professional photographer, she therefore logically specialized in the photo of Equestrian Competitions, moving from careers in dressage or obstacles, to the rough terrain of cross country or driving.


Official photographer of the Mondial du Lion d'Angers for many years but also of many riders, it is the regional of the Festival because it is Angevin!

Pauline BALLET / ASO
Pauline BALLET / ASO
Pauline Ballet Photographe Cyclisme ASO

Pauline Ballet


Official photographer for the Tour de France and ASO, she also collaborates with many professional cycling teams (AG2R Citroën, Cofidis, etc.) or cycle brands (Specialized, etc.).

She is part of the privileged circle des  Reporters-Photographers to cover major international cycling events.

It will present a selection of strong images taken both on the roads of the great passes of the Alps and on the dusty or muddy cobbled paths of Paris-Roubaix, as well as during international events around the world.

Francis BOMPARD / Focus
Francis BOMPARD / Focus
Francis BOMPARD / Focus
Lionel HAHN / Abaca Press
Lionel HAHN / Abaca Press
Lionel HAHN / Abaca Press
Francis Bompard Photographe Ski JO Hiver agence ZOOM

Francis Bompard


He has worked for 40 years on the biggest ski slopes of the international alpine circuit for the Zoom agency.


It's Mr. "Great white circus".

He likes the extreme cold and knows all the good spots so as not to miss any of the skiers' passages!!


He is also Photo Manager on all international FIS competitions but also on the Winter Olympics. 


Sony Brand Ambassador

Jean-Philippe KSIAZEK / AFP
Jean-Philippe KSIAZEK / AFP
Jean-Philippe KSIAZEK / AFP
Lionel Hahn Photographe Basket NBA Football Américain Super Bowl

Lionel Hahn

American Sports

French photographer based in Los Angeles for 20 years, he returned to settle in France this year and collaborates with many magazines and newspapers including L'Equipe.


A specialist in major media events, he has covered the Oscars ceremonies, the Golden Globes, the Cannes Film Festival and the Olympic Games several times.


He will exhibit a selection of shots taken during the 17 Super Bowl Finals (American Football) and the many basketball games in the NBA that he was able to cover.

Pierre LAHALLE/ The Team
Pierre LAHALLE / The Team


Stéphane Kempinaire Photographe Natation Athlétisme KMSP


Stephane Kempinaire

Official photographer of the French Swimming and Athletics Federation, but also of the French National and Olympic Sports Committee, it isTHEswimming specialist.


As such, he has covered multiple Olympic Games and World or European Swimming and Athletics Championships.


He has collaborated for many years with major brands of sports equipment manufacturers for which he has produced a number of advertising photos.

Jean Philippe Ksiazek Photographe AFP Marathon des sables

Jean-Philippe Ksiazek

Marathon of the Sands

Photographer at Agence France Presse (AFP) he is based in Lyon.

A great reporter since 1989, he has covered numerous national and especially international news stories ranging from conflicts to major sporting events.


He loves reporting on the Marathon des Sables which he has covered 6 times from Peru to Morocco.


A less traditional photographic approach to Marathon events... effort, suffering and solidarity under the sun.

Pierre Lahalle Photographe L'Equipe Football

Pierre Lahalle


Photographer for the newspaper l'Equipe since 2001.


He is one of the few French photographers to have covered France's two victorious Finals at the 1998 (Paris) and 2018 (Moscow) Football World Cup.


He will present many shots, sometimes unpublished or original, on this sport which he particularly likes among all the disciplines he covers daily for the newspaper, in France or abroad.

Eddy Lemaistre Photographe La Grande Odyssée Chiens de traineaux

Eddy Lemaistre

Report: The Great Odyssey

Photographer for several International Press Agencies since 1997.


He will present a report on the “Great Odyssey”, the biggest European race for sled dogs which takes place every year in the Alps.


une week  to share the life of these extreme cold runners at through sumptuous  snowy landscapes, night stages, bivouacs at altitude...

glance different on a fairly unknown sport in France.

Loïc Venance Photographe AFP Voile Course au large

Loic Venance


Photographer at Agence France Presse (AFP) based in Nantes.


Reporter-photographer of news, he became over the offshore racing events he covered, a specialist in sailing.


He will present his photos from the Vendée Globe and the Transat Jacques Vabre 2021, as well as an unprecedented series of intimate portraits of sailors.


He has just received the 2021 Mirabaud Yacht Racing Prize for one of his photos of Jérémie Beyou at the finish du Vendee Globe.

Photo which will of course be presented at the Festival

Antonin Vincent Photographe DPPI SPort Automobile Formule 1 F1 24h Le Mans

Antonin Vincent

Sports car

Photographer for the DPPI Agency, he is present every weekend around the world on Formula 1 circuits or Rally-Raid events.


He is also the official photographer for the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


His spectacular photos of Grand Prix or closer to the mechanics in the pits during endurance races are impressive

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